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Captain Quail 106 - Bigger on the Outside (Aug. 8, 2014)

My trip has ended, and I am home again. 

Every Friday, we feature a different webcomic for our Webcomic O' the Week. Our long-time readers know this, but for anyone joining this episode in progress, I think its worth pointing out that we've featured roughly 50 webcomics at this point. That is a heck of a lot of comics to go through. And every week we give the comic we feature positive reviews, because that's the point of the feature. We find something that we think is worth reading, and we use what small voice we have to broadcast it. 

But to give our readers a peek behind the curtain, it takes more work than I thought it would to come up with a new comic that both Allison and I like (or at least tolerate) week after week. The brunt of the discovery work is done by Allison, who adds comics she thinks look interesting to our shared list. Sometimes they're comics she's read a bunch of, and really wants us to feature. Sometimes they're comics she just thinks look cool after a quick glance. From this shared list, I go through and try to find a few each week that 1) I think look interesting and 2) we haven't featured before. I will admit, with only a little shame, that I am guilty of googling our own comic to check if we've featured a comic I'm looking at. We try to keep track of which comics we've featured on the shared list, but I'm really bad at updating it. (This is problem that will probably get worse with time) 

Once I've figured out the comic that I really want to feature (a process that usually involves reading a ton of comics, so I can get an actual sense of what the work is about), I try to double-check with Allison about featuring it, and then spend as much time as I allow myself condensing what I think about the work into a paragraph or two. 

If the above sounds like a lot of work, it is. (Coincidentally, if anyone would like to intern for Captain Quail, and help with this problem, please let us know). It means Allison and I have to go through a lot of comics that we would never normally read, and some of them are terrible. But, the fantastic number of creators who live on the internet continue to churn out comics, and some of them are incredible, and remind us why we keep doing what we do.

So today, I'm going to skip my normal spiel and say: Go read Unknown Chronicles. I could talk about this comic's fantastic art, or incredible story, or engaging characters (or the awesome fact that the comic is also available in Spanish!). And its the best comic I've discovered this week.



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