Oh really, Combes? Robin Redshirt seems fine...

Captain Quail 108 - Quest, Part 2 (Aug. 15, 2014)

We're having a bit of a busy week, so I'm going to skip with any additional commentary, and get right to the meat of a Friday.

This week's Webcomic O' the Week is The Fox Sister. Following the story of a Korean woman who turns to fighting demons after her family was destroyed by one, The Fox Sister is an outstanding collection of things that I really, really get thrilled by. Beautiful art with Eastern influences - check. Involvement with beliefs, and myths, and the supernatural intruding on reality - check. Well-written story - check. I find myself making comparisons between the comic and the American TV show Supernatural, and the comparisons are favorable. If you think of The Fox Sister as a version of Supernatural set in Korea and starring a female lead, you wouldn't be far off. What the author has published can be read in an afternoon, and your weekend will magically become better by adding The Fox Sister to it.

Until next week!



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