If you actually go to Hawk Hill, you won't see a base filled with spacebirds. Is this comic made up, or is the stealth mode that good?

Captain Quail 116 - Base Helian (Sept. 19, 2014)

Whew. It's been a long couple of weeks. I feel like I owe you, our audience, more of a write-up about XOXO than we gave, especially because you had to suffer through one of my quite awful stand-in comics, which Allison then made much incredibly better. As a sidenote, I often think I'm funnier coming up with text for the stand-ins than I am for the main storyline. 

In any case, XOXO was among the best four days of my life. I'm still figuring out how to describe it. The best I've come up with is "XOXO is a small group of amazing friendly people who are all dedicated to creating things because they believe in creating them." That sounds pretty general, and I'm not sure how to get around that. I'm also not sure XOXO is for everyone. Not everyone is going to be passionate about the same things. But if you're a creator, who wants to make things because you can't imagine not making things, you should certainly watch the talk videos. I'll try to post them here once they're up.

Speaking of making things that are truly excellent, let's talk about this week's Webcomic O' the Week: Blindsprings. Blindsprings is about a princess of the forest who must fulfill a contract with forest-spirits to save her sister, while trying to navigate the lines between the modern and ancient world filled with technology and alchemy. It. Is. Fantastic. Every page is beautifully drawn, and the story is incredibly well-crafted. Kadi Fedoruk has created a place and dramatis personae that I feel deeply connected to already, and I'm excited to see where the story goes. Check it out!



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