The Quail says: "Whee!"

Captain Quail 2 - Split Infinitives (July 27, 2013)

I got into the Star Trek game kind of late. It floated on the edge of my perception for a real long time, and I knew a lot of the random pop-culture bits from it long before I actually sat down and started watching it. Tribbles. Live long and prosper. KHAAAAAAN!

It wasn't until college that I started hanging out with real trekkies, and it wasn't until almost the end of college that I started my quest to sit down and watch all of Star Trek. I started with TNG, because while Kirk is a pop culture Olympian, Picard felt more like the kind of guy I would want as my commanding officer.

True confessions: I have not seen all of Star Trek. I have not even seen all of TNG. This makes me eminently unqualified to talk about Star Trek in any meaningful way, I feel. What I can say is what Star Trek means to me. And the biggest piece of that meaning, the one that I think a lot of fans agree with, is that Star Trek is a vision for the future we hope we get, and would happily work towards. Its the ideal of the world we want to live in.

Gabriel Quail, Capt., is a representative of his race's better future who must contend with our imperfect present. He's a bird on a mission, a mission we want to share with you.


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