"Can we at least get cable in this aviary?"

Captain Quail 25 - Deus Ex (Oct. 22, 2013)

Today's comic features one of my most and least favorite story devices: Deus Ex Machina. Most people recognize it when they see it, even if they can't name it; its when the story resolves itself because of some seemingly random intervention from a higher power, or magical device, or completely unexplained phenomenon. While its often horribly mishandled, I love the fact that we have Deus Ex Machina in Captain Quail because it is so Star Trek. How many episodes (and movies!) can you name where the solution just comes out of nowhere and the day is saved. (I'm looking at you, Wesley Crusher). 

To all of our hopefully new readers from Facebook: Hello! Look around, and don't forget that we're trying to give away free t-shirts to a select number of fans. For anyone who didn't realize that we're on Facebook, check the top of this page or click here to go to our Facebook page. Allison and I really want to connect with our readers. Hopefully we've made it as simple for you to reach out to us. 

As we move out of Fall and in towards Winter, we're probably going to spending a lot more time indoors. This is actually a good thing for this site, because it means we'll be putting more effort into doing cool things with Captain Quail. There are a few cons we'll be attending, but most of our energy will be put towards new content, new swag, and new things to do on the Captain Quail site.  



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