Skuak dares you to judge his eating habits.

Captain Quail 26 - Swoop (Oct. 25, 2013)

I really wish there was a Costco closer to where we live. This is a total first-world problem, as there are multiple Costcos within driving distance. But they're both far enough way that you feel the teensiest bit wasteful driving out to them, just so you can buy things in bulk. I haven't worked out whether its cost-effective when you compare with gas prices, but I have worked out that Costco free samples are normally tasty. Also, enough of them as you're shopping makes an excellent substitute for lunch. Apparently Skuak has figured that out as well. 

Unrelated, I really like the Fall and the Winter. I prefer cold weather to warm weather to begin with (anyone in Seattle or Vancouver hiring software engineers who write comics?) but the cooler seasons also seem to be the time when I am most productive on the things I really care about. Maybe its a holdover from my school days; a new school year starts in the Fall and I am optimistic about what potential it might have. Yes, I was one of those people who enjoyed school more often than not. Allison and I are also big readers, and cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay inside with a good book. Or stay inside and write. Or draw. 

Speaking of things we write and draw, it would mean a ton to us if you shared this comic with your friends, real and digital. We have all the usual share buttons below the comic, and we'd probably be willing to send you mini-prints if you promise to hand them out. They look nifty!

Other people we like also write and draw things, and the Webcomic O' the Week for this week is Bite Me! by Dylan Meconis. Dylan's put out a number of works over the years, and we'll probably talk about the others in the future, but Bite Me! is the one I've enjoyed most recently, and its the most appropriate with Halloween on the horizon. The comic follows the story of a revolutionary French tavern-wench who meets a darkly alluring man with very point teeth, and hilarity ensues from there. 

That does it for this week. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you Tuesday!


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