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Captain Quail 31 - Writer's Block (Nov. 12, 2013)

It's been four years now that I've thought "Hey! I should do NaNoWriMo!", and it's been four years that I have completely missed that goal. I'm not certain I've ever properly started, to be honest. I often make excuses about having no time, but the reality is it just hasn't been important enough to me yet. I'm not sure I have a story that I actually need told, at least told in novel format. 

I'm pretty happy with how the story is going for The Adventures of Captain Quail, such as it is. We're really liking the pattern of story arc - a few single strips - story arc. We've got a story arc starting this Friday, and we're highlighting a character that deserves more screen time. 

Speaking of screen time, we're 100% interested in getting feedback from our readers. I got a chance to talk to some of our readers over the weekend, and got some good honest feedback. The number one piece of feedback was that the Scuba comic was awesome. The second piece of feedback was that our comics can be hit or miss. We think they're all pretty good, but we're biased, and some of them just aren't going to hit the mark. We're actually ok with this. It's less about producing perfection every time, and more about trying to make something good consistently. 

I haven't had a bunch of time to play games over the past week, but I did get to watch Allison's friend play a whole crapton of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. It's been a few months since I've played a AAA title on the platform it was meant for. (I love my Mac, but some games just don't run well on the platform). First thoughts: this game is gorgeous. It has some of the best water and cloth effects I've ever seen. There's also that undefinable coolness quantity of being able to be a pirate, and do piratey things. Like blow up ships. And board ships. And plunder! Overall, it looks pretty damn good.

That does it for today. We're serious about hearing from you, so leave a comment or sign up for our email list (using that shiny subscribe button under the comic).



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