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Captain Quail 32 - Dinner, Interrupted (Nov. 15, 2013)

I've said it before, and I'm saying it again: We're obviously drawing a lot of our inspiration from Star Trek. I'd like to believe that our plots are slightly more feasible than the average Original Series plot, but science fiction should always be pushing the bounds of what's real and unreal. Today's strip begins a story arc that is quintessential Star Trek: Something On The Ship Is Wrong. I'm feel very inexperienced on the whole concept of writing a story in a serial format, and while I hope the next strips will be interesting, I'm not sure I'll know how I feel about it until its done. I'm hoping others will give me feedback as the story progresses. 

You might have missed it, but yesterday we added a blog post about some of our analytics numbers. Allison and I both work for startups, and we want to bring some of the things startup do well into the world of digital art, especially webcomics. In this instance, that means keeping track of data for everything we can think of, and seeing what those numbers can tell us. We invite you to read the post, and let us know if there's other topics related to running a webcomic you'd like us to write about. 

Talking about the wonderful world of webcomics brings us to our Webcomic O' the Week. This week we'd like to highlight Plume, one of the more fully-formed comics we've come across. The story of this fantasy-Western cross is well-written, and the art grabbed me almost immediately. Plume's use of lighting is something I think a lot of artists aspire to; it draws the eye exactly where the artist wants. As I was reading through the current pages (the comic is still ongoing) I got this fantastic Firefly-meets-Anastasia feeling that I think will resonate with a fair number of the people who read Captain Quail.

That wraps it up for this week, unless you're one of our email subscribers. The first batch of weekly emails is going out today, and we're excited to share a piece of special Skuak art with the email list. Sign up for our weekly email above if you want in on the action.



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