On the plus side, Captain, we now have a new display for the modern art gallery.

Captain Quail 33 - I was working in the lab... (Nov. 19, 2013)

I'm going to get a little personal, for a moment here. Allison and I pretty constantly busy, between working full-time jobs and working on Captain Quail. We also try to have those things known as lives, hanging out with friends and loved ones. I spend almost all of my free time working on making this site, and the experience of Captain Quail, better. The experience is somewhat akin to how it must feel to operate that super-cool, but also super-difficult-looking, science-mo-tron in today's comic. So these blog posts are a source of dread and joy in equal measure. 

The dread comes from the dread that I think all creators with a deadline face: "Oh lord. I have to create something, and I have to create it before the deadline I've set for myself, or I'll upset my fans! I have no time, and the list of things I think I should do is a mile long." Really, I'll just be upsetting myself, because I'll breaking a promise to myself, the promise of keeping a regular comic schedule. 

The joy comes from the actual act of creating. I love writing, I enjoy putting my thoughts down on this 21st-century paper, I feel giddy over being able to share those thoughts with anyone who will listen. I would argue a lot of other people, even people who don't think of themselves as creative, feel the same way. There's also the fact that, on the list of things I 'should' be doing in relation to this site, the act of creation is always at the top. We're creating this comic and building this site because we love to create, and we should be optimizing for creating above all else. Somedays we're better at that, somedays we're worse. 

Returning to our regular Tuesday schedule, here's Philip's review of a game I have been playing in what little spare time I have: Tiny Death Star! If you played the original Tiny Tower and didn't like it much, then there's nothing to see here, move along. Tiny Death Star is the same management sim for mobile devices that Tiny Tower was, only re-themed with everything Star Wars they could think to cram in. All the same mechanics that you loved or hated are still there, with one exception that I think makes the game more playable. In the original, you had to move characters to the correct floor using the elevator. They almost never went away, and you couldn't get any other characters in the elevator until they were gone. Now, you can take them to Imperial levels, and imagine that you're sending annoying digital people to be interrogated by Imperial officers. Way more fun. At the end of the day, you're either going to love or hate Tiny Death Star, despite the new skins, almost entirely dependent on whether you like that kind of game. I keep playing because I'm masochistic, I think. 

That's another Tuesday, all wrapped up for you. We're still taking suggestions for games we should review in the comments below (thanks random guy who suggested Farming Simulator!) and we'll be back Friday.



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