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Captain Quail 35 - Trouble (Nov. 26, 2013)

For those of you who, like us, celebrate the American Holiday of Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving Week! For the rest of you, welcome to the week where its impossible to get Americans to do pretty much anything. Lucky for you, we are dedicated to providing high-quality content year-round here at The Adventures of Captain Quail, so we will have a post today (obviously) and Friday! 

Continuing the series of Philip Reviews Video Games, I've been playing lots of Assassin's Creed III, mostly so that I can have some glimmer of a story background for playing Assassin's Creed IV. I'm not... positive I like the game. I like parts. Most of the mechanics are amusing, although I find the running-jumping-parkouring a little finicky. Honestly the mechanic I found the most fun was the ship captaining, which is part of the reason I'm so excited to get to the fourth game. Allison, on the other hand, really did not like the ship parts of the third game, and likes the parkour-through-the-revolutionary-forest way more than I did. While I don't want to hate-fest on the game too much, I also don't sympathize with the main character much. Connor feels a little one-dimensional to me, and not in the cool Batman-y way. Haytham, the game's villain, seems like a much more well-rounded character, which may indicate more about me than the game. ...I'm going to stop talking about that now. Overall, I'm excited to see where the game goes, and I'm super excited to play the next one.

That's about it for this pre-Thanksgiving Tuesday. I'm actually looking forward to this Thanksgiving quite a bit, and I hope all you are as well. Unless you're not American. Or don't celebrate Thanksgiving. In which case, just have a fantastic week! See you Friday.



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