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Captain Quail 38 - The Spot Thickens (Dec. 6, 2013)

If you obsess over detail (its not just me, right?) you may notice that there have been some changes to the site today. We're continually experimenting with the best way to present the comic to our readers, as well as new and different ways to make the site look awesome. We also care deeply about online privacy rights, so we've moved most of the sharing libraries to their own page. If you click the 'Share' button above, you'll be taken to that new page, where you can share comics to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. We think these changes are a good move forward, for us and for you, the reader, but we want to know if you disagree. That 'Contact Us' button is always open, and we definitely respond to comments when they're posted.

We'll hopefully be publishing a page soon that lists everything we use, and where. Aside from highlighting tools we think are awesome, this will help you know what tech you'll be interacting with when you visit The Adventures of Captain Quail.

It is Friday, and after a Thanksgiving hiatus we are back to our Webcomic O' the Week posting. This week, we're highlighting String Theory. This is a tricky comic to review, for me. I adore the art, and the way the artist uses color and grayscale as a story mechanic. In some ways, String Theory exemplifies all the awesome things you can do with the comic medium. The reason I haven't kept up with the comic, and the reason its tricky for me to promote, is how utterly dark the story is. For me, its the depth of gruesome science and sociopathy wrapped in a gorgeous art layer which makes the story all the more intense. Allison deeply enjoys it, way more than I do, and she has a different take. 

Allison enjoys the intersection of zombie horror, dark magic and science fiction that makes up String Theory's story, but she agrees it is not for the faint of heart. The art starts out cartoony and cute (her words), and grows more painted-beautiful as the story goes on. But, the more gorgeous the art, the more disturbing the story gets. Not recommended for children, but awesome for a very certain type of adult. 

In the words of the author: "Please don’t read it to your kids or let your kids read it.

Damn is it gorgeous, though. 

That's it for this week! We hope to see you Tuesday for the continuing adventures of Captain Quail!



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