Would it be a snow quail or a quail angel?

Captain Quail 40 - Wonderland (Dec. 13, 2013)

Allison and I both grew up in areas without snow. Since I really enjoy cold weather, and since I had been maladjusted by the idealized vision of snow presented by movies, I was very excited for my first trip to a place with real snow. This turned out to be Yosemite in the winter, as I had family that lived nearby we could stay with. 

Snow, as I was quickly to find out, was incredibly cold. And wet. And got everywhere. But it could be fun. There is a picture of me from a decade ago (yay, I feel old) that shows me juggling snowballs outside Yosemite Village. And while I wouldn't want to go back and spend a lot more time in the snow without serious, preferably waterproof, winter gear, there is a unique allure to playing in the white stuff.

Winter is now firmly upon us, thank you so much Bay Area for having poorly-insulated houses and freezing winters. The holiday season begets holiday parties, and this week's Webcomic O' the Week comes from a friend who just went to her work holiday party, and was in quite a festive mood upon her return. She's guest-reviewing Galacticat for us this week, a comic neither Allison nor I have read but which seems to have lots of promise. Its also another comic created by a writer-artist duo, so it earns a special place in our hearts. Here's the review, in the reviewer's own words:

"So Galacticat is about a cat who is a taxi driver. He is a crazy taxi driver who goes too fast and has too many tickets from the police and complaints from customers. Because of this his supervisor, who happens to be a duck, tells him he has to pass a test or his license is removed. I read through a ‘three pigs and the bad wolf’ like story and by the end the duck believes that the cat is crazy. Then the duck insists they take on some customers who turn out to be the main character’s twin/triplet sisters. I stopped reading after this but it looked good and I plan to go back."

That's it for this week! We would love to hear from you in the comments below, and we hope you have a great weekend. 



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