That's one hoopy frood, man.

Captain Quail 42 - Deep Thought (Dec. 20, 2013)

I think it says a lot that I consider The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as one a formative piece of literature in my life. It helped shape a lot of my humor, and my sense about what you can get away with in writing. There's a list of people who were taken away from the world before their time, who you can't help but think would've made the world brighter if they had lived longer. Douglas Adams is right near the top of that list. For me, Richard Feynman and Steve Jobs are there too. Who's on your list, I wonder?

I will consider it a measure of success if I can infuse The Adventures of Captain Quail with one half of the laughter Douglas Adams put into his work. 

Winter is firmly upon us, and Winter for me will always be a time to stay warm indoors with a great story. For today's Webcomic O' the Week, we'd like to recommend a fantastic Winter comic story: Emmy Cicierega's Scarf. As a writer, words are both my medium and my crutch. I am deeply impressed when someone can tell a story strictly through visuals, without and text or speech. Emmy manages to tell a purely visual story with Scarf that is not only coherent, but incredibly endearing. We don't often recommend complete stories, but Scarf is an excellent quick read that will warm you up during these cold Winter days.



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