Next year I think Hummdrive will be the tree topper.

Captain Quail 43 - Tannenbaum (Dec. 24, 2013)

This comic marks the exact five-month anniversary of Captain Quail. We hope to be doing this for many more years, and will probably stop tracking the small anniversaries soon, but getting to five months is more than we could have hoped for when we started. Thank you for being on the ride with us so far, and we hope to have you riding shotgun the rest of the way.

Today is also Christmas Eve, and we hope that your holidays are filled with joy even if you don't celebrate the Judeo-Christian traditions. We can't know your situation, but the very fact that you are reading this comic means we think you're an awesome person, and we're sending good thoughts your way.

Its Tuesday, which is normally the day where Philip Reviews Video Games. The problem is I haven't really played anything new recently. I have been playing with Steam Big Picture Mode on my Mac hooked up to the TV, and that has been quite a bit of fun. The progress of the Glorious PC-Gaming Master Race marches forward, and I may be among their members in the near future. None of the consoles from this next gen currently wow me, but the desktop gaming experience gets better and better. I'll hopefully get a chance to dive into some games during this holiday break, and return next Tuesday with a better review.

Happy Holidays,


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