President's Day is a nice, sober holiday. No wrapping paper needed.

Captain Quail 44 - Wrapped Up (Dec. 27, 2013)

J.J. Abrams has a now-internet-famous TED talk about Magic Boxes. The idea that a package can contain anything until its opened is central to his work and a fantastic exercise in creativity and imagination. Christmas presents, presents of all kinds, exist in the same Schrödinger headspace. There's no way to know what they are until you open them, and often the imagination of what might be in a present far outweighs the reality. Nothing can be as incredible as what your dream in your head. I think this is why wrapping paper is so bright and eye-catching; it gives your imagination something to work off of, some visual cues to trigger the incredible creativity that can surround the question "What's in the box?"

Is it any wonder that children can be more excited by the wrappings than what's inside them? Or that a robotic Hummingbird, already attracted to things shiny and new, would be borderline obsessed with wrapping paper?

Today is Friday, which means its time for our Webcomic O' the Week! Normally, I try to select a comic we like that has some semblance of relation to the comic. Or at least some thematic element that I can tie into the rest of the post. Today's comic is nothing like that, for today's Webcomic O' the Week is Doctor Cat! The tagline of the comic is "a comic about a cat who is also a doctor", and that's really all you need to know about it. Its hilarious, and I'm manly enough to admit its pretty damn cute, so go read it already. Consider it our gift to you. Except we didn't create it, so maybe its a re-gift from us to you. Yeah, that seems pretty appropriate for two days after Christmas. In any case, we hope it will make you laugh and warm up your soul a wee bit. 

We really strive for The Adventures of Captain Quail to be as unbiased as possible. Of course we will fail at this goal, because we are all of us products of our background and environment, so it would be nearly impossible to be completely unbiased. We know that not everyone who reads our comic celebrates Christmas, or any holiday that happens around December. We hope all you who read this comic take our Holiday wishes in the joyful sprit they are intended, and that your week has been great. See you Tuesday!



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