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Captain Quail 46 - Hobbies (Jan. 3, 2014)

It is amazing how quickly our lives fill up. We are mere days into 2014, and already our calendars seem fuller than we expected. We're going to keep this comic going, obviously, and we are planning to expand this coming year. We're also planning to attend multiple conventions, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area, which we will let you know about soon. It's easy when you're involved in multiple projects to try always keep moving, always be working on something. I've found that it is just as important to relax, to do things totally unrelated to what you're working on. Allison and I are involved in multiple creative projects, The Adventures of Captain Quail chief among them. Creative inspiration can come from anywhere, but requires time to just let go and absorb new experiences. Hobbies are important to prevent burnout.

Allison and I like reading and playing the occasional video game. I often go on weekend getaways, exploring the areas around where we live. Combes grows very pretty flowers. Honestly, I wish I could keep plants alive for any length of time. I have quite the black thumb, but I have lovely visions of someday having a garden with flowers for a very special someone, and vegetables that I could use to supplement my grocery bill. Side projects and extracurriculars should be a time for you to explore things you don't normally get in your day-to-day, and hopefully be stepping stones towards your dreams. Running this comic is a step towards some of the dreams we have, and we're sure many comic creators feel the same way. 

Speaking of which, time for our Webcomic O' the Week! This week, we're going to highlight The Most Ordinary, which is a most extraordinary comic. (I know, I'm hilarious.) Created by Alejandra Quintas, The Most Ordinary takes a twist on the solo girl / coming-of-age story, following the life of a girl  and her imaginary friend trying to make their way in a world where everyone has some sort of superpower. I've talked before about how excited I get when someone uses science fiction or fantasy to talk about real social issues, and I think TMO does a great job using its world to describe how lonely and isolating it can feel to be yourself. Also, you know that we here at The Adventures of Captain Quail strongly appreciate female leads, as well as comics with great art full of whimsy. The Most Ordinary hits lots of our favorite points, and we think it will be a great read for you as well. 

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you Tuesday!



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