Leaving a guy for bread is harsh. A double-fudge brownie on the other hand...

Captain Quail 5 - Heartbreak (Aug. 13, 2013)

I'd like to say the reason that it's been so long since we posted a comic is that we couldn't bear to bring ourselves to showcase the heartbreak Captain Quail goes through in today's panel. In reality, making a comic is hard, and we're busy people. Allison and I work full-time jobs, and I've got more side projects going on than is healthy. (Shameless plug: check out This Is Not That Game)

That being said, being passed over for food is still pretty damn stone cold. We've all gone through bad rejections and bad breakups, but I don't know anyone outside the internet who's actually been dumped for a piece of bread. Maybe its a bird thing.

On an unrelated note, we are possibly the last people on the internet to discover Welcome to Night Vale. In case we aren't and you've never heard of it, go check it out. It's hilariously creepy so far, and worth a listen if you're into the same things we're into. I mean, you;re here, so you must be, right? In any case, you should give the show a chance, and push yourself past the first episode. Getting used to the format is part of the fun.

In other unrelated news, today is my birthday! You know what would be an awesome gift? If you were to share Quail Comics with all your friends, neighbors, and random people on the street. Even if you happen to read this post not on my birthday, it would still make a great birthday gift. Thanking you in advance.


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