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"I thought you were still hunting space-worms!"

Captain Quail 50 - Long-lost (Jan. 17, 2014)

Fifty. We never consciously thought we would make it this far, I think. In your dreams, all of your endeavors are magical and wonderful and go on for as long as you want them to. When you reach a certain age you still can dream big, but your expectations have become a little more conscious. In many ways, this is a red-letter day for us. Its the longest I've ever worked on a single creative endeavor, and I think the same is true for Allison. We're still enjoying it, still enjoying seeing our creations come to life, and we plan to continue as long as we can. But even if we were forced at gunpoint to stop tomorrow, I would be happy with what we've accomplished.

Today is also a red-letter day because it is the first day (depending on where your clock is set) that we are allowing a small group of beta testers to use this comics publishing platform we built. Thousands of people around the world are participating in January Comics Month, and we wanted to offer free hosting on Inkpebble (which is the parent site of the site you're now on) to any who would take it. We got a handful of takers, who we'll be talking about more as they start posting their awesome January Comics Month comics. 

Speaking of comics, its time once again for our Webcomic O' the Week! This week, we'd like to highlight Tim Larade's Mush-a-Mush. I think the best way I can describe Mush-a-Mush is X-Files set in a Summer Camp, with all the potential amusement that implies. Following the story of two teenagers who live near Lake Mush-a-Mush, the Mulder and Scully vibe that Larade manages to imbue in his main characters (while not losing any of the quintessential teenage characteristics) makes for fun reading. I've enjoyed what's posted so far, and hope to see more of the story soon.

That's it for this week! Have a great weekend, and see you Tuesday!



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