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Captain Quail 53 - Bird, Interrupted (Jan. 28, 2014)

Missed connections, man. 

I get... distracted easily. I usually don't write, or code, or do anything creative really while watching TV for that exact reason. Audio is ok, but I'm enough of a visual person that things moving on a screen are a real problem. On a related note, we've been watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. We're a decent number of episodes in, and I'm still not certain how I feel about the show. There's a large number of shows and movies out there that are full of cringe moments for me. Moments that you're not sure you want to keep watching, because they touch so close to emotional nerves. I think everyone has different cringe moments, and many, many of mine are triggered by Orange is the New Black. Good acting though.

Philip Reviews Video Games: I have played a bunch more Hearthstone, and that's about it. This past weekend was quite busy for us here at The Adventures of Captain Quail; among other things we went to Animation on Display SF. Not as an exhibitor, not yet, but we had quite a bit of fun as attendees. A special shout-out to Steven Savage and the rest of the Geek Networking panel. We had lots of fun reaching out to people, and we're definitely open to anyone we met saying 'Hello!'. We're very much looking forward to AOD next year, and we hope to see you there.

See what I mean about distractions? I start with video games, and end up at conventions.

That's it for today! We'll see you Friday.



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