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Seven little birdies, all in a row. Down through the skies and into the snow.

Captain Quail 52 - Move Out (Jan. 24, 2014)

There's always a reason not to do something. Change is difficult, and trying start something, anything, of your own takes a massive effort of will to get the ball rolling. That's not to say that keeping the boll rolling takes no energy, but the act of having started something gives you momentum to work with. It helps to have a partner. It helps even more to have a team, as Combes and Cmdr. Sanguine Grey are going to find out soon.

This arc is our most ambitious to date, in both art and storytelling. We're still working out exactly what we want to be doing with this comic, but for the time being we're enjoying seeing this story unfold. Some of you have already guessed where this story arc is drawing its inspiration, others are probably just unfamiliar with the subject material. (Hint: look at Grey's armor). We're not going to reveal all our cards right now, but we may try to more actively get reader feedback at the end of this arc to see what you think happened.

Today is a hopefully happy Friday, which means its time for our Webcomic O' the Week! This week, we're featuring Toril's Hotblood, one more for the collection of Western-themed comics that has caught our fancy. Hotblood breaks away from the pack by taking a fantastic idea (a Western world partially populated by centaurs), and then taking that idea seriously to see how reality would respond. This puts it in a special category for me, as I find stories that are just one step removed for our world fascinating. It is in many ways easier to create a world from whole cloth than it is to change one facet and then try to be thorough in your storytelling. Additionally, the art is a style I haven't seen much, and that I think Allison enjoys. She was the one who recommended it to me, and now we're recommending it to all of you. If you like slice-of-life anime, Westerns, centaurs, and budding bromances, you'll like Hotblood.

That's it for this week! See y'all Tuesday,


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