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Captain Quail 54 - Discovery (Jan. 31, 2014)

Let's start with the exciting news. The Adventures of Captain Quail is going to Kraken Con, April 6th in Oakland. While this won't be the first con we've attended, not by a long stretch, it will be the first con we have a booth at. Hopefully, we'll also be presenting a panel on how we make Captain Quail. Kraken Con is a great convention still in its early days, and based on what we saw last year is making really good decisions for its future. More details about exactly where we'll be and what we'll have will be posted in the coming weeks, but I can guarantee that we'll be selling shirts and giving away mini-prints. We may also have stickers and keychains to sell, plus Allison will be taking commissions. If you live in the Bay Area and enjoy what we're doing here, come say hi!

This week's Webcomic O' the Week is a shout-out to the lovely Noelle Stevenson, who gave a panel at AOD last Saturday about her process creating Nimona. It was her panel that gave us the inspiration for the panel we're trying to do at Kraken Con. (Ours will mathematically be better because there is 100% more of us than there is of her. Math!) If you've been following the various webcomic communities you've probably already heard of the charming bundle of awesome that is Nimona, but as the weather finally cools down in California and continues trying to kill the rest of North America, go back to the start and re-read it again. It's an excellent example of what webcomics can achieve; the engaging story keeps you reading, and the development of the art along with the characters helps the read feel that they are growing with the story, that they are learning as the characters learn. A powerful combination, to be sure.

That's it for this week, have a great weekend!


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