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Captain Quail 57 - Bygones (Feb. 11, 2014)

Time is our most precious resource. The saying goes that time is money, but that's not true, not really. While money can, in certain circumstances, give us more time, or make time more enjoyable, it cannot give us back time. Time is spent, and it is lost, and all we have are our actions and our memories. Hopefully we spend it wisely, and don't spend too much time in anger and regret. Combes and Grey are discovering the truth of this in today's comic.

I spent my weekend making the most of the time I've been given, and that resulted in being out of the house way more than usual. Where I might normally spend my hours on reddit (hey guys, phildini here), I instead spent the weekend in San Francisco, visiting museums and hanging out with friends. I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Isotope, one of the best comics shops in the Bay Area, and I can't recommend it enough. Their selection shows an obvious love for the medium, and as an independent comics creator I really appreciate the amount of local material they stock. If you live in the area, its worth your time to check them out.

Since I was out and about so much, I didn't have a ton of game-playing time. I'm still playing the odd round of Hearthstone, but the game that I'm hoping to really dive into is Jazzpunk. We create webcomics about birds in space, so it should go without saying that we're suckers for the whimsical and weird. When I saw the GiantBomb quick look and review for Jazzpunk, I knew I had to play it. A first-person romp through a cold-war cyber-crime universe, Jazzpunk is just this side of a pure digital hallucination. It also features some of the best art direction I've seen in a game since Fez. I haven't played enough of it to know if I'll enjoy every minute, but my hunch is that if you enjoy this comic you'll enjoy Jazzpunk.

Thanks for reading, see you Friday.


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