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Captain Quail 64 - Diplomatic Introductions (March 7, 2014)

Howdy! If you follow our twitter or our facebook (and of course you do, right?) you've probably noticed that we now have a youtube channel. We're hoping to regularly post videos to go along with the comic, which right now means a sped-up version of Allison drawing the comic while both of us talk about comics, story background, and anything else we can think of. We hope you have as much fun watching them as we did making them, and we are totally open to questions and discussion topics. Email us at [email protected], and we'll try and answer your questions during an upcoming video.

Its Friday, and that means its time to feature our Webcomic O' the Week! We make a strong effort with these posts to highlight comics that fall under certain criteria. We try to feature comics that are mostly family-friendly, or make an effort to let people know when they're not. We try to feature artists that we think don't already have thousands of followers, in the hopes that we're helping send noticeable traffic their way. We also like to feature comics that are from local artists, or about things local to us.

Today's comic hits at least two of these criteria, and its a nifty work for many more reasons besides. Andy Warner's Tales From the Crypt is a fascinating story of a mausoleum in San Francisco, and one man's quest to restore it to glory. I generally like educational or non-fiction comics, but they don't often make the top of my list. Warner's art style and story composition take this short non-fiction work from informative to fascinating, and my only regret in recommending it is that there isn't more to the story. If you've enjoyed the Bay Area locality of The Adventures of Captain Quail, or you find graveyards interesting, definitely check out Tales From the Crypt.

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Thanks, and see you next week.


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