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Captain Quail 7 - Chips (Aug. 19, 2013)

In high school, when I reunited with my first mistress technology after a brief stint where I was wholly devoted to my first wife, reading, I was very much into hardware. I loved breaking apart and building up computers and electronics of all types, and would pore over PC Magazine and Maximum PC as though they were holy writ. I barely understood what was going behind the blinkenlights, but I knew I enjoyed making them dance.

For an impressionable youth with an inclination towards electronics, especially in they lived on the West coast in the 90s and early 2000s, there was a certain store that was Mecca, Shangri-La, a store to which no other store could possibly compare. Glancing at today's comic and our last post, you may be able to tell which store I'm talking about. Both Allison and I can understand spending way more time than is healthy ogling electronics, even though both of us now work more in software than in hardware. (If you're not certain of the difference, hardware people make the boxes with screens all around us. Software people find pretty, hopefully useful things to put on those screens.)

Being in software means we're closer than most to the pulse of where main-stream technology is headed. Some of it is magical, some of it is terrifying, some of it is both. Its incredibly possible that we'll do a comic in the future where Captain Quail and his trusty crew have to deal with some of the issues that are getting more and more important in our world: issues like trust, privacy, and security.

Its also equally possible that we'll just keep trying to create the quail equivalent of this:


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