Quail Effect

Captain Quail 71 - Lead the Target (April 1, 2014)

Hey! Its April 1st. We probably should have done a joke or something, but when we were planning comics we totally missed the coincidence, and so we've got nothing. Might we suggest one of the great pranks that Google will most likely do. I hear pokemon may be involved...

Also, and this is no joke, you should check out Lady WASD, a new indie gaming news and reviews that should have a different outlook than most. Lady WASD is run by two lady gamers, and I hope their voice starts getting heard around the interwebs. We need a more diverse range of voices talking about games, especially voices that are as well written as Monica and Mel. Cheers to them as they start out, and we look forward to many more pieces.

This Captain Quail storyline is winding down, but as one thing ends we look towards another beginning. KrakenCon is this Sunday, and we are super excited. We will have a booth (number V32) and will be giving a panel on Webcomics in the afternoon. If you'd like to own a piece of Captain Quail, we'll have shirts, cell phone charms, 4 different prints, stickers, and Allison will be taking commissions. This is our first official con, and we hope to see you there.

That's it until Friday, I think. Happy April, have a great week.



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