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Its so sad!

Captain Quail 72 - See you space cowboy (April 4, 2014)

So that's that, then. This is the end of what we're calling Season 2 of the Adventures of Captain Quail, although the more we do these the more I think we should call these story arcs 'Episodes' rather than seasons. In any case, Sanguine Grey was pretty fun character to write for, and a character Allison enjoyed drawing, so its sad to see the commander go. 

As one thing ends, another begins. April is the beginning of Con Season, and we're very excited about where we're going to be going in the next few months. As I've mentioned once or twice, we're going to KrakenCon this Sunday, but that's just the start. We'll be attending BigWow ComicFest in San Jose May 17-18, and the Alternative Press Expo October 4-5. We'll have booths at these cons, where you can come chat with us, buy lots of cool Captain Quail gear, and get commissions from Allison. We're also giving a panel on Webcomics at KrakenCon, and hope to give similar panels at other cons. We haven't met you, and this is crazy, but here's our con schedule, come visit us maybe?

I'm not feeling well, unfortunately, and this post is overdue, but I still want to highlight a webcomic for Webcomic O' the Week. Basically, go read The Girl Who Flew Away. Its a really, really well drawn slice-of-life comic which does an amazing job at portraying vibrancy and life without speech bubbles. I was immediately sucked into the world of 1976 America, and M. Dean breathes immediate life into her characters with the minimum amount of exposition. We think its worth a read.



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