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Captain Quail 73 - Around Again (April 8, 2014)

Let's talk about mentorship. I come from a family that is, in many ways, thick with teachers. I had a pretty healthy respect for (most) teachers and (most) schooling growing up because of this. But the teachers who stick in my mind the most are the ones who didn't just try to convey knowledge and technical skill, but tried to convey wisdom. If intelligence is the ability to acquire knowledge, it is wisdom that shows us how we should apply it. When a teacher, or friend, or anyone you meet changes from telling you the facts of life to inspiring a life better lived, that person has become a mentor.

I was very lucky to have a few key mentors growing up, and I continue to be pretty lucky in my work life to have some truly exceptional people try to impart wisdom into my scattered brain. Mentors often do not stay forever in your life, as I have dealt with in the past and am dealing with today, but they have a lasting impact on your life that hopefully changed it for the better.

This past Sunday was KrakenCon in Oakland, and it was fantastic. Running our booth was incredibly fun, and we are eternally grateful to Amanda and Nicholle for helping us out. But the best part of the day for me was our panel on webcomics, where we got to speak to a room full of fans and creators about the lessons we've learned running this comic. We probably aren't that much farther ahead of some of the people in that room, but I know we were able to give good advice to some, and confirm hard-gained wisdom to others. I hope we get a chance to do it again, and that we can look back many years from now and know we have done everything in our power to help other creators achieve their dreams. 



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