I'm sure no-one will notice a giant quail crashing into this island...

Captain Quail 74 - Brace for Impact (April 11, 2014)

Have we mentioned that KrakenCon was amazing? It was amazing, and the delightful feeling of having people be interested in what you've created is incredibly gratifying. Even more awesome is having people buy things that you've created, which are based off works you created, and not fan art or derivatives. 

This was my first time running a booth at a convention, and it was certainly interesting to see the other side. Cons for me have always been discovery and networking opportunities, and KrakenCon was that as well. The major difference in being on the other side of the table is that most of the discoveries and new connections come to you, rather than you having to go find them. 

One such discovery and connection is this week's Webcomic O' the Week. Kerbop the Angel, by Kathleen Kralowce, is a Medieval-ish mythology following the stories of a knight errant, a princess discovering her place in the world, and the slightly mischievous angel that ties their tales together. We met Kathleen at KrakenCon (and Kathleen Kralowce at KrakenCon has an amazing alliteration), and I was impressed with how excited she is about the potential of webcomics. Kerbop has setup a story with traditional fantasy elements, and is starting to push the boundaries and see how those tropes can change through a more modern mind-set. I'm excited to see where the story goes, as well as how Kralowce's art style continues to develop. The comic is done in a style that is pretty unique among the comics I've read, and it's fun to watch Kralowce settle into the style as the comic progresses. Check out Kerbop, and send us any more Webcomic O' the Week suggestions you have!



P.S: We've posted the audio for our panel, "Webcomics from Script to Print", and you can see us roll for the t-shirt raffle winner here.

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