That may be the most worried I've ever seen Skuak.

Captain Quail 75 - Crash (April 15, 2014)

Some things just sneak up on you. Like I remember writing the script for this comic, but it wasn't until I got ready to post it that I notice: 75. We've posted 75 comics. Three-quarters of a way towards one hundred comics. That's one hell of a thing, you know? I think for our 100th, we should run a sweepstakes or something, give out t-shirts or take one lucky fan out to dinner. I haven't cleared any of this with Allison, but I think it could be awesome. (Leave a comment if you have suggestions for our 100th)

It probably looks like I'm making a real big deal out of a relatively small number of comics, especially when you compare it to the Big Guns in webcomics, or those crazy creative machines known as 'syndicated comic artists'. But I've written before about how difficult it is to start something creative and keep at it for any length of time, so I'm a big fan of celebrating seemingly small accomplishments. Hopefully our readers have enjoyed the 75 we have so far, and are looking forward to 75 more.

Its Tuesday, the day I enjoy talking about gaming or things related to gaming. I've actually had a chance to play some games recently, which I am pretty happy about. (I've also played a ton of Hearthstone, but you're probably tired of my talking about that). The new-ish game I've played the most of recently is The Swapper, which is a puzzle-platformer that features both great passive storytelling and a game mechanic I think may actually be unique, or at least not fully explored before. In The Swapper, you play as a exploring astronaut who navigates the puzzles of the environment by creating clones and switching into them. Often this is the only way to reach difficult platforms, but its also the only game mechanic I can think of that raises questions of morality and self-identity. If your clones are so disposable, what does that say about you? Is your body yours, or just a vessel? Are you the original you, ever? I've hit a point in the game where I think I need to switch to a controller to keep playing, but I'm excited to play more. You should go play it too.



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