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Captain Quail 77 - Aerodynamic (April 22, 2014)

I am mildly paranoid. I've spent most of my life always trying to think as many steps ahead as possible, always trying to think through the angles, trying to cover all my bases (trying to mix all my metaphors). When I get a string of good things happening all at once, I mentally start preparing for the backlash, for the balancing of the scales. 

This is probably not the healthiest behavior, and its something I'm trying to change, or at least tone down. I feel that having a generally positive attitude is probably better preparation for the trials of life than trying to plan for every little detail. You'll never succeed in planning everything, but you could be very successful in keeping a positive attitude about life.

'Tis a Tuesday, which is the day during which I greatly enjoy talking about video games. Since I'm guessing our readers are pretty tired of me talking about Hearthstone, I'm going to talk about the other game I've played the most of recently: Kingdom Rush. This might fall under the label of 'oldie but goodie', or at least 'way late review', but I have always been a sucker for tower defense games. Kingdom Rush is possibly the best example of the genre, and it definitely has the best art of any tower defense game I've played. Its also a great example of using the game's environment and mechanics to tell a story. There are no blocks of text or cutscenes in Kingdom Rush, and yet the game has a clear progression with a set of characters. In many ways, its a fantastic example of game storytelling: instead of presenting the player with a story, it presents the player with situations and lets them string the story together for themselves. Plus, Kingdom Rush is just plain, maddening, fun. If you haven't played it, even if you don't like tower defense games, give it a shot.



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