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Captain Quail 81 - Gainfully Employed (May 6, 2014)

Its pretty well established that I read a lot, right? Well, not all of the books I read are fiction, believe it or not. Sometimes I read books on psychology. One of the books I've read recently was on the psychology of happiness, and if you think that sounds too sappy or hippy-dippy you're probably in desperate need of what the book is talking about. Key idea: people are happier when they realize what they can control, and stop worrying about the things they can't. Sometimes you really do have to just let go.

Captain Gabriel Quail is learning this in today's comic. The crew is busy fixing his beloved Egg Surprise, so he is the only one who can take the journey presented to him. In order to save the Egg Surprise, he has to stop being Captain of the Egg Surprise, and just be Gabriel Quail, on his own, for a bit. 

This isn't coming out exactly how I want to express it. This is partly because its Cinco de Mayo as I write this, and there are friends waiting for me, and partly because its hard to describe experiences that are so intensely personal. The best authors can make the reader feel that they are living in someone else's head, and I am certainly not one of the best writers. But I hope you who read this can take a moment as you read this story arc and try to put yourself in the mind of Captain Quail. He's about to venture off, into the unknown, to protect his ship and his crew. 

Hopefully he will be happy. 



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