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Captain Quail 82 - Up, Up... (May 9, 2014)

Sometimes I stare at box where I type these posts, and I feel this terrible need to fill it, as though if I don’t hit a certain number of words, or paragraphs, the readers will be disappointed in me. This is foolish on the face of it, of course, but we all have our demons. I’m going to try writing just what I have to say, and leaving it at that. If you actually are disappointed, let me know, preferably in the form of a gif from the live-action TV series of Hercules.

A few brief announcements before the main event of the Friday post: We will be at Big Wow Comicfest not this weekend, but the weekend after. We’re boothing, and giving a panel Sunday. Come say hi!

Also, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and know of a space that could hold six small tables of comic artists plus a film crew, let us know. We’ve got a project in the works that we think is going to be super exciting, but we need a place to film it. Spaces with a connection to comics or geekdom get bonus points! Reach out to us! captain [email protected]

Speaking of comic artists, there’s a comic that I first started reading months ago, and I could have sworn we posted, but after going through the archives apparently not. And this is a comic that touches on some of the concepts we love, and that we try to explore in Captain Quail. So this week we’d like to talk about Trying Human. Its tricky to describe exactly what Trying Human is about. On one hand, the story covers what happens when humanity discovers they are not alone in the universe. All the normal reactions you can think of are covered. In another light, Trying Human is a Shakespearean romance about some literally star-crossed lovers, and what happens when interspecies politics gets in the way. Trying Human is also about how societies treat the people at the fringes, and how “human" emotions can be expressed by beings not even close to human. Maybe you can see why we like it. Plus, the art is really well-executed, and of a style I can read for hours. The comic does deal with some PG things, but its still highly worth a read.

That’s it for this week, remember to send love to a woman who’s loved you, this Sunday.



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