Ominous caves. There's always ominous caves.

Captain Quail 91 - Approach (June 13, 2014)

Its Friday. Which means we talk about a comic that isn't ours. 

This week, we're talking about Out of Skin. Warning: Not really safe for work, probably not great for young children. Normally, we try really hard to recommend comics that are both safe for work and audiences of all ages, but sometimes a comic is so good that it should be shared despite not fitting in our normal categories. I also don't usually go in for horror comics, but sometimes a story is so well told that I have no choice. The short story behind Skin is fantastic. Everything you want in the best horror stories: A terrible tragedy results in possibly supernatural repercussions for the innocent protagonist, and the true antagonist, the one responsible for the tragedy, gets their just desserts. This may sound like I'm spoiling the ending, but the ending isn't what's important here. What matters, what draws you in and forces your attention, is the atmosphere, and the art, and the terrifyingly fantastic story. Find some time with yourself this weekend, preferably not alone in the dark, and go read Out of Skin.



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