Bird, on the rocks.

Captain Quail 95 - The End of Dak (July 1, 2014)

Hoo boy. Heavy comic today. We're not pulling our punches over here. I think we also might be due an award for shortest-lived major character. We nominate ourselves, we accept, congratulations. Let's change tack to distract ourselves from all the death we've been slinging, eh?

Bold statements: I think what Telltale Games is doing with things like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us are the future of television. In the Twitter age, where major networks promote with in-show hashtags, stories that are as engrossing as well-written television but allow the user some meaningful choices to direct the action seem like a natural evolution. I've played the first couple episodes of The Walking Dead, and all the available episodes of Wolf Among Us, and I desperately wish I could get an endless stream of this style of content on-demand. 

Wolf grabbed me a bit more than The Walking Dead did, but that's probably because I am a massive fan of Bill Willingham's Fables. What Telltale has done, guiding the player through a prequel storyline from the world of Fables in the role of villain-turned-lawman Bigby Wolf, is fantastic, and backed up by a neon-noir version of New York that makes me pause and just watch the visuals go by sometimes. All that said, while I'm desperate for the story to continue, the game is not perfect by any stretch. Its fascinating how a story so engrossing can have such horrendous dialogue in places, and the switches between cutscene and player control could definitely be more fluid. 

But I stick to what I said above. I would probably pay the equivalent of a cable subscription if it meant I could be playing 'shows' in this style whenever I wanted. I hope we see more from Telltale, and more companies that push the boundaries of the medium.



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