Oh, is that where I put that egg?

Captain Quail 96 - What Lies Behind (July 4, 2014)

Its the 4th of July, which is a pretty big holiday in America. Its also a Friday, which means we talk about our Webcomic O' the Week. If I were more on my game, I would be featuring a comic made by Americans that dealt with real issues around patriotism, nationality, and freedom. 

I'm rarely that organized, so we're going to talk about a comic about birds and science. 

I never went to art school, but something that I often heard artists talk about was the concept that art holds a mirror up to life, and what we find interesting in art is a reflection of what we find interesting about reality. For comics, especially webcomics, humor is often the primary form of 'interesting' that gets used, but the humor is often a mirror of human nature, and how strange we are as a species. It is rare, so incredibly rare that I can't think of another example, that humor in comics is used as a mirror for real science, so when you come across it you sit up and take notice. Bird and Moon, a collection of comics and graphic works, displays so much of what I wish I was capable of in this medium that I want to give the work all the attention I can. It is hilarious, drawn well enough to always get its point across, and focuses mainly on life outside humanity. If you can make it through three pages of the work and not devour the rest, then you're probably not the kind of person who enjoys science, the Sunday funnies, or The Adventures of Captain Quail.

In which case, our apologies for leading you astray.

In any case, have a Happy 4th, and a great weekend.



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