Help I'm trapped in a comic factory...

Stand-in: Hummingbird (Aug. 29, 2014)

I think it's been well-established that Allison and I work other jobs. While we would love to live in a world where we can do nothing but make comics all day, that world currently exists parallel to, and separate from, the world where we can pay rent. We work full-time jobs, and sometimes those jobs are demanding. So you get (crappy) filler comics created by me. Sorry about that. 

This next section I've re-written three times now. Every time I start writing about (every time I start thinking about) how crappily some vocal sections of The Internet are behaving towards fantastic female creators, my blood starts to boil. I firmly believe that anger only feeds the trolls, so I instead say "Thank You". Thank you to all the female creators in the world, who produce amazing wonders on a daily basis and often have to put up with the worst The Internet has to offer. You deserve better. 

Let's change focus, and talk about something on The Interblag that's amazing. It's Friday, which means it's time for our Webcomic O' the Week! This week, I'd like to highlight Wendy Martin's Kappa. We sent out a call on our twitter, asking for webcomics to highlight, and Kappa was the first entry we got back. I'm very glad it is. There aren't a ton of pages to the work yet, but what's there is stellar. Martin is exploring a fascinating world of merpeople and giant sea creatures for our amusement, and illustrating the world in beautiful detail. Every comic that we feature is unique, and Kappa's style is something I can't remember seeing before. Is it pixels? Chalk? Paint? It complements the world well, and lends a story-book quality to what Martin is trying to tell. As a man who was once a young boy who unashamedly loved The Little Mermaid, Kappa has grabbed my attention immediately. I hope it will grab yours. 

Full disclosure: After one afternoon, Wendy Martin is the person on this site with the most comments. We were going to feature her comic anyway, but now it's a challenge. Step up, rest of The Internet!



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