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Captain Quail 101 - Camoflage (July 22, 2014)

Allison would hate me for making her do this, but today's comic kind of makes me want to create a Captain Quail Where's Waldo book. This will probably not happen while we both have day jobs, because high levels of detail take so much time, but its a fun thought, no?

So. It has come to this. San Diego Comic-Con is happening this week, and its what most of my Internet feed is talking about. Curiously, there is a high portion of my feed talking about SDCC in terms of not attending. While this is very curmudgeonly of me to say, I'm not sad about this fact. Even though I've had multiple friends tell me that its a fantastic con and a life-changing experience, I can honestly say I have no real desire to attend. SDCC, to me, has always seemed crowded, corporate, and in San Diego. (I apologize to any native or adopted San Diegans, but I like the cold, thank you very much.) 

In reality, I'm of two minds about this. I know that, as The Adventures of Captain Quail, we could reach huge swaths of people by tabling at SDCC. And possibly acquire a hefty sum while doing so. But there's a large part of me (probably disproportionately influenced by my desire for cold), that thinks we'll have more fun at the smaller-to-medium and more independent cons. 

Plus, the idea of being in such a small space with what I hear is the about the population of North America gives me the chills. 

Anywho, I will still watch the news coming out of Comic-Con with great interest, and think longingly of returning to ECCC.



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