"Or that time you wanted to use the engine exhaust to heat the ships kitchens..."

Captain Quail 18 - Diplomacy (Sept. 27, 2013)

Imagine you are floating. Floating through space and time. No, not floating, flying. Flying on the back of a gigantic bird. Welcome to space. Welcome to the bird. Welcome to... The Advnetures of Captain Quail.

Yes. We have been listening to far, far too much Welcome to Night Vale. We've also been watching heist movies. Well, me moreso than Allison. I have a deep abiding love for heist movies, the Ocean's 11 series in particular. There's something so deeply satisfying about seeing a plan pulled off flawlessly.

We here at Quail Comics are deeply excited for a number of reasons. Two of those reasons will become clear in the coming weeks, and we're not going to talk about them quite yet. The source of excitement we will talk about is this: we're doing a pretty good job at keeping a regular posting schedule. Keeping a regular posting schedule for an extended period of time seems to be what makes or breaks a webcomic. Allison and I have both seen comics that got us really excited, and then died mysteriously when their creators just stopped posting. We hope you've been enjoying our regular updates, and that we can keep providing them to you for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of the world o' webcomics, the series we'd like to highlight this week is Olympus Overdrive. We are really big fans of pieces that remix old stories in new ways (like classic space opera stories done with Quails) and Olympus Overdrive hits that button for us. You could describe the comic as the Greek mythos seen through the lens of a modern Alternate Reality Game, but you would really only be scratching the surface. It has some echoes of Digimon and Death Note (at least for me) that make it a really enjoyable read. Also, the creators aren't afraid to break out of the traditional comic medium and mix-in some actual animation, which makes my new-media radar set up and take notice. We enjoy it, and hope you will too.

Stay tuned next week, where you'll hear about some exciting things we've got going over the next month, as well as the revelation of Captain Quail's master plan to beat the Raptors!

Good night, sweet listeners. Good night.

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