Captain Quail 84 - Dalek Hummdrive (May 16, 2014)

Tomorrow is the first day of Big Wow Comic Fest. We will be there, and there are some deets we want to share with you lovely people.

  • You can find us for most of the con at booth 1401A, where we'll be selling all sorts of cool Captain Quail merch, as well as giving away free miniprints.
  • The part of the con where we won't be at the booth we'll be giving a panel Sunday afternoon on Webcomics. This should be a resounding reprise of our talk at Kraken Con, and will be even more fun than last time. 
  • We want to see as many of you there as possible! If you mention password 'Swordfish' at the booth, we'll work out something special for you.
You know what day it is? That's right, its Friday. Friday means one very important thing at The Adventures of Captain Quail: the Webcomic O' the Week. We are unabashed fans of comics that know when to start and know when to stop. Short stories that have a big impact for their being short, and working within what they're trying to tell. So it shouldn't be too surprising that we're recommending the two-part short work A Light Through Wind Chime, by Edward Gan. ALTWC tells the story of a young woman who's just moved into a new apartment, the cat who moves itself in with her, and the wind chime she unpacks that her father swore was magical. Its a short enough read that you could read it while your tea is steeping, and make your day that much brighter by remembering how fantastic the world can be. Pep up your Friday, and we'll see you this weekend, hopefully.

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